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Newsletter | Sun Xuelong, deputy mayor of Lu'an City, went deep into Dongxu Kangtu to carry out "Four Get One Service" research activiti

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Update time : 2021-08-06 16:09:00

On August 4th, Sun Xuelong, Deputy Mayor of Lu'an Municipal People’s Government, and Qian Daxing, Deputy Secretary-General of the Municipal Government, went to Tunghsu Kangtu to carry out the “Four Get One Service” survey activity. Cheng Fukuan, Member of the Standing Committee of the Jinzhai County Party Committee and Deputy Mayor of the County Government, etc. Leaders of relevant departments accompanied the investigation, and Zhang Tao, President of Tunghsu Azure Photovoltaic Modules Division, and Tunghsu Kangtu's management team received and participated.


At the symposium, Zhang Tao introduced Dongxu Kangtu's current production and operation, overall planning, and market prospects to the working group leaders in detail, and at the same time reported on the main problems and difficulties encountered by the enterprise in its production and operation activities. Sun Xuelong expressed his affirmation and appreciation for Tunghsu Kangtu's development momentum and the results achieved in recent years. At the same time, he carefully listened to and recorded the problems raised at the meeting, conducted an objective analysis of the existing problems on the spot, and arranged relevant departments to actively and properly solve them.

Sun Xuelong said

The purpose of this survey is to understand the company's operation and assistance needs on the spot, and to coordinate and solve the difficulties encountered in the development of the company. Tunghsu Kangtu is a rare and practical enterprise in Jinzhai County and even Lu'an City. It must make persistent efforts, continue to develop, innovate, make good use of policies, enhance market competitiveness, and strive to create better economic and social benefits.

Sun Xuelong requires

The direction of enterprise development and technological transformation should be based on the industry market development law, strengthen horizontal alliances between photovoltaic upstream and downstream enterprises, jointly promote photovoltaic enterprise industry alliances, and make the city's photovoltaic industry bigger and stronger. Relevant departments at the city and county level should take the initiative to promote the economic development of the city, and effectively help solve the problems of difficult recruitment and employment of enterprises, difficulties in attracting and retaining high-end talents, and high logistics and transportation costs of enterprises, and provide support for photovoltaic application projects that meet the policy conditions. , To ensure that the relevant policies issued by the government must be implemented in a timely manner, so that enterprises can enjoy the policy dividends.

Cheng Fukuan said that in the next step, relevant departments directly under the county will do a good job of timely docking, continue to normalize the "four get one service" work, continue to do a good job in business visits, problem collection, supervision and supervision, etc., and effectively implement "immediate and rapid procedures". , Do it with care", so that enterprises can truly feel the care and warmth of the government.

Sun Xuelong emphasized

Under the new situation of coordinated promotion of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, the in-depth development of "four get one service" and creating an excellent business environment is of great significance to promoting the high-quality development of the regional economy. Relevant territorial and municipal units must actively think about what the enterprise thinks, solve the difficulties of the enterprise, aim at the needs of the enterprise, take the initiative to serve the front, and help coordinate and solve the problems encountered in the development and construction of the enterprise in a timely manner.

Zhang Tao expressed his gratitude to Mayor Sun and his entourage for their care and support, and said that Tunghsu Kangtu will expand ideas, improve motivation, strengthen innovation, accelerate transformation, and strive to contribute to the local economic development .