G1 series single glass 390-415W

Tunghsu components with high efficiency and high reliability
Advanced production equipment,highly automated process control,world-class production technology
The company has a product research and development laboratory that meets the new ISO/IEC international standards
Excellent weak light performance,resistant to salt spray and ammonia corrosion.
Passing the certification test of the PV standards.
Certified by international quality management and environmental management system
Application grade:A, Safe grade:Ⅱ, Fireproofing grade:C
High power output
Combined with MBB technology, maximum power of 415w
Reduce BOS cost with higher power bin and 1000V system voltage
Half-cell design brings higher eciency
Half-cell layout (144 monocrystalline)
Low thermal coecients for greater energy production at high operating temperature
Low cell connection power loss due to half-cell layout (144 monocrystalline)
Highly reliable due to stringent quality control
In-house testing goes well beyond certification requirements (UV ,TC,HF,PID resistant and many more)
Certified to withstand the most challenging environmental conditions
2400 Pa wind load 5400 Pa snow load