M10 series single glass 535-550w

High Efficiency and High Reliability Dongxu Components
advanced production equipment, highly automated process control, international first-class production technology
the company has a product research and development laboratory that meets the new international standards of ISO/IEC.
Excellent low light resistance, high salt spray resistance and ammonia corrosion resistance
passed various certification tests of photovoltaic standards
passed international quality and environmental management system certification
application grade: A, safety grade: ii, fire protection grade: C
non-destructive cutting
higher battery bending strength and component mechanical properties;
higher customer value
up to 25% additional power gain, lower BOS cost and electricity cost;
high efficiency PERC + battery technology
create higher component power and efficiency, lower power attenuation;
certified to withstand the most challenging environmental conditions
2400 Pa wind load 5400 Pa snow load