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Add Honor |Tunghsu Kangtu Won the Title of "Green Factory" at the 2020 Provincial Level

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Update time : 2020-10-17 15:09:00
A few days ago, the Anhui Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology announced the 2020 evaluation list of green factories in Anhui Province, which has been screened at various levels, strictly reviewed and jointly evaluated by third-party evaluation agencies, Tunghsu Kangtu was awarded the title of "Green Factory" in Anhui Province, becoming the only new energy enterprise in Lu'an City that has entered the list of green factories.

It is reported that this selection is an important measure for the Anhui Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology to continue to create advanced models of green manufacturing, accelerate the construction of a green manufacturing system, and guide the transformation and upgrading of green development of enterprises. At the same time, the declaration and evaluation has strict indicators and thresholds. The recognized "green factory" enterprises must have obvious competitive advantages in the same industry in the province, have strong quality, occupational health, environmental protection, production safety and energy management level, enterprises should attach great importance to green development and other conditions.

As a productive entity focusing on the photovoltaic industry, Dongxu Kangtu gives priority to green technology, technology and equipment in production and operation, actively promotes cost reduction and potential tapping, and strives to improve product quality, the concept of industrial green development has been implemented with practical actions. In the end, a beautiful report card was handed over in the creation and selection of the "Green Factory" in Anhui Province.

Adhere to the concept of "excellent" in green development
 In recent years, in order to build a "green factory", Dongxu Kangtu, under the scientific guidance of governments at all levels, Dongxu Group and Dongxu Blue Sky, has always been based on "coordinated development, green environment, green energy, as the mission of the enterprise, we should adhere to the development mode of green development with high scientific and technological content, low resource consumption and less environmental pollution, and abide by the main line of ecological priority and green development, the concept of green development runs through the daily production and operation management.

In the process of production and operation, Dongxu Kangtu has continuously improved the level of fine management, optimized the production process, actively implemented the upgrading of production lines, and implemented a large number of system energy-saving technical transformation projects, promote the use of "integration of the two" means to promote energy conservation and emission reduction. Give priority to the selection of green technology, technology and equipment, actively promote cost reduction and tap potential, strive to improve product quality, and practice the concept of industrial green development with practical actions.

Rely on scientific and technological innovation to solve the problem of green development, further promote scientific and technological innovation, introduce and cultivate professional talents and innovative teams, and accelerate the promotion of innovative models such as quality change, efficiency change, green leadership, and innovation support, ensure that the creation of green factories is progressing steadily.

Creating "Green" Power for Sustainable Development

as an entity enterprise focusing on the photovoltaic industry, the company's high-efficiency photovoltaic module product sequence integrates advanced automation, informatization and lean, and has passed the "leader" certification of the China Quality Certification Center, TUV Nande photovoltaic module certification and salt spray certification and other authoritative certification, power generation stability, environmental adaptability, photoelectric conversion efficiency in the industry's leading level.


At the same time, relying on the comprehensive advantages of professional team, advanced technology, accurate manufacturing, all-round quality control and high-end standards, Dongxu Kangtu has passed TUV, CQC, international product certification such as JET and system certification such as IS09001, ISO14001, ISO45001 and energy management. At the same time, it has obtained "National High-tech Enterprise", "National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Integration Management System Certification", "Anhui Provincial Department of Economic and Information Technology Intelligent Factory Evaluation", "Anhui Province Digital Workshop", "Five 100" etc A number of honorary titles have injected continuous vitality into the promotion of high-quality green development of enterprises.

This assessment is the establishment of advanced models of green manufacturing in Anhui Province, it is also a recognition of Dongxu Kangtu's adherence to the concept of green development and the emphasis on the construction of a green manufacturing system in recent years. It is also a full affirmation of the achievements of the enterprise's green factory management system.

Dongxu Kangtu will take this honor as an opportunity to continue to promote the construction of the green factory management system, improve the green factory management system, continue to enhance the ecological construction level of the enterprise, and strive to become a benchmark enterprise for the green transformation of the industry.