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Newsletter | Tunghsu Kangtu Loves and Helps Students to Warm University Students in Difficulties

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Update time : 2021-08-13 13:50:00
In recent years, Tunghsu Kangtu has taken the initiative to serve the society, actively donated funds to schools, and has the courage to assume social responsibilities, which has been widely praised. As a responsible private enterprise, Tunghsu Kangtu upholds Tunghsu's mission of revitalizing the national industry. It not only shoulders the important task of rejuvenating the country through industry, but also voluntarily assumes more social responsibilities.

On August 12, the donation ceremony for funding poor college students initiated by the Non-public Enterprise Committee of the Anhui Jinzhai Economic Development Zone of the Communist Party of China was held in the Dongxu Kangtu Party Member Activity Room. He Guangrong, the Non-public Enterprise Committee of Jinzhai Economic Development Zone, attended the event. Li Yong, general manager of Dongxu Blue Sky Human Administration Center, Zhang Qiang, head of Dongxu Kangtu, and other representatives of the enterprises attended the event, and subsidized 6,000 yuan to the poor university student Zhu Jianyu for his university tuition.

Zhu Jianyu, a member of the Zhuci group of Qilin Village, Gubei Town, Jinzhai County, is a 2021 college entrance examination candidate of Jinzhai No.1 Middle School. He is now admitted to Anhui University with excellent results. There are six people in Zhu Jianyu’s family, including grandparents, parents, and younger brothers. His grandparents are 80 years old and take medicine all the year round. The younger brother has just started high school. The main source of family income depends on the meager income of the two parents. Very difficult. Affected by the epidemic in the past two years, Zhu Jianyu’s father’s factory was unable to operate normally and almost faced unemployment. At one time, the family relied on the income of his mother to make ends meet. As the school started in the fall, Zhu Jianyu's family was anxious about his university tuition. After learning about the actual situation through the Non-public Enterprise Committee of Jinzhai Economic Development Zone, Tunghsu Kangtu decided to provide charitable funding.

Tunghsu Kangtu, as a key investment promotion enterprise by the local government of Jinzhai, modern intelligent chemical factory, perfect quality system, high-quality products, left a deep impression on the local government and people. The rapid development of tunghsu Kangtu is inseparable from the strong support of the local government and people, and the participation of outstanding talents. Zhang Qiang encouraged Zhu Jianyu to study hard and make efforts to repay the society after his academic achievements. He also welcomes the ability to join Tunghsu and jointly contribute to the development and construction of the locality.