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Dealing with concrete matters relating to work | Dongxu kang tu awarded 2019 degree Municipal Industrial Design Center

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Update time : 2020-06-18 11:18:00


Recently, Lu'an city Economic and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China office published 2019 Municipal Industrial Design Center of results by county recommended, expert evaluation and comprehensive consideration of the Dongxu kang tu PV industrial design center gain accreditation, the top position.


This title is the Dongxu kang tu in recent years development, scientific and technological innovation, R & D strength and other aspects of the recognition, as well as enterprise have continued research and development and technological transfer, the formation of enterprise core intellectual property capacity.

It is understood that the municipal industrial design center is to promote the enterprises to establish a design and industrial innovation platform of playing a design innovation, improve the quality of products and the important place, so as to realize the industrial design center in the transformation and upgrading of enterprises in the leading role.


As a photovoltaic enterprises as the mainstay of the productive entities Dongxu kang tu since its inception, always focusing industry to the market demand as the guidance, take the customer as the basis, the brand as the core, technology and innovation as the driving force for the development of central and western and strive to enhance the scientific and technological content of products. Through technological transformation, the construction of large-scale, professional, automation, information technology, intelligent high efficiency photovoltaic assembly manufacturing base, integrate with industry-leading the photovoltaic module of automated production equipment, pipeline, from manufacturing enterprises to intelligent manufacturing enterprise transformation.

Innovative achievements casting core competitiveness
in recent years, Dongxu kang tu vigorously promote high-quality development and innovation-driven development in the production of manufacturing, the company is committed to the spirit of the craftsman drive precision manufacturing and manufacturing excellence through highly automated process control, state-of-the-art equipment, comprehensive quality management system, to protect the company's products of intelligent manufacturing standards. In terms of technological innovation, the company has a cloud platform that complies with ISO/IEC International Standard, CNAS certification of products research and development laboratory, can enhance the photovoltaic component development, test and detection ability of the R & D industry-leading.
In addition, as in Anhui province the first batch production teach inclusive enterprise, in recent years, Dongxu kang tu by Anhui University, West Anhui University, Anhui Jinzhai Vocational and Technical College, many other universities key colleges and universities to establish multi-level, long-term close the production-study-research cooperation relationship. In the development of technology, personnel training and other aspects in strategic alliances for the purpose of promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and achieved fruitful innovations. It is relying on the professional team, state-of-the-art technology, precision manufacturing, a full range of quality control and high-end standard, such as the comprehensive advantages photovoltaic module design, material testing import, photovoltaic reliability and safety, to ensure that your component stability in power generation, environment adaptability, photoelectric conversion efficiency in the industry leading level.

In fact, established at the beginning of the company planning to promote the standard certification system by well-known domestic and foreign scientific research institutions of an in-depth exchange of views and cooperation has passed the TUV, CQC International Product Certification, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18000 system, the integration of the two management system and energy management system and many other certification authority, at the same time have the issue the certificate of patent for invention, a total of 18, the core technology is widely used in product research and development production, power companies will be more efficient and high-quality photovoltaic components available for rapid toward the terminal market, technology innovation boost photovoltaic industry healthy and sustainable development.


Industrial design as the value chain of manufacturing industry the most value-added potential of an important part, has become the enterprise competitiveness of one of the important symbols of. This time, won the "Lu'an city-level industrial design center" in the determination, will drive the Dongxu kang tu industrial design level and ability of a boost. To enhance our value-added products, and enhance the market competitiveness, promote technical upgrading of products is of great significance.

In the future, Dongxu kang tu will continue to research and development and innovation as the core, technology upgrading, market demand-oriented, and constantly improve product quality, service quality and management level, efforts for the whole society to provide more high quality of Dongxu products.