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New success | Tunghsu Kangtu won PVBL Outstanding Supplier Award in 2019

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Update time : 2020-05-13 11:03:00

Brand is the comprehensive embodiment of the competitiveness of enterprises and even the country. The fourth "China Brand Day" in May 10 arrived as promised, and the "PVBL 2019 photovoltaic brand ranking list" was ceremoniously released at the 5th century Photovoltaic Conference, which was held by century new energy network, the photovoltaic Brand Laboratory (PVBL) is jointly held. Anhui Dongxu kangtu Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dongxu kangtu") won the PVBL Outstanding Supplier Award in 2019 with excellent product quality, excellent innovation ability and good user reputation.


"PVBL China Photovoltaic Brand ranking list" was established in 2012. It is the only research ranking list in China to evaluate the value of Photovoltaic brands. It is organized by Photovoltaic Brand Lab(PVBL) jointly launched with century new energy network, it has become the only authoritative list in China that evaluates the value of photovoltaic brands and reflects the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises. It comprehensively evaluates the factors such as brand enterprises' shipment, revenue, research and development, influence index, etc, it is also an important standard to measure the development vitality of China's photovoltaic industry. It is known as the "barometer of China's photovoltaic market" and enjoys high recognition in the industry.


As a component manufacturer specializing in R & D and production of high-performance components, Dongxu kangtu always puts product quality in the first place. In terms of production and manufacturing, Dongxu kangtu promotes the use of total quality management, closely combine the industry's cutting-edge technologies and development trends, and set up industry-leading product research and development laboratories to standardize components, PERC efficient components, double glass components, strengthening components, dust-proof components, A series of high-standard differentiated component products such as lightweight components meet the diversified needs of the market and promote the steady increase of market share.

Product Research and Development Laboratory

with the increasing market share of the company, in order to meet various high-efficiency market demands, in November 2019, Dongxu kangtu successfully built and put into operation a fully automatic assembly line representing the new level of intelligent manufacturing in the industry. Compared with the conventional production line, the production efficiency of the new line is increased by 50%, and it can be compatible with half-chip, multi-grid, patch and other international mainstream component products at the same time. The average power is above 410w, up to 460w.


New line put into operation

through various accumulated competitive advantages, Dongxu kangtu seized the major opportunity of "The Belt and Road Initiative" and successfully established export duty-free warehouses in Germany, Thailand and other places. From 2017 to 2019, the company's proportion of overseas orders has gradually expanded from 7% to 55%. Through supporting and serving large-scale projects such as central enterprises and state-owned enterprises, products are exported to 25 "The Belt and Road Initiative" countries and regions around the world.


Fully automatic production line

relying on the comprehensive advantages of professional team, advanced technology, accurate manufacturing, all-round quality control and high-end standards, the enterprise successively obtained "Anhui enterprise technology center" in 2019 "," Anhui province manufacturing industry and Internet Integration Development Demonstration Enterprise ", Anhui Province Economic and Information Department" intelligent factory "evaluation," five 100 "," special and new "," 2019 China's top ten brands of good photovoltaic distributed photovoltaic modules "and other honorary titles.

Under the background of economic globalization, Brand is increasingly becoming one of the core factors for the survival, development, transformation and upgrading of enterprises. Brand awareness is becoming the key for enterprises to win the market, it is also an important selection criterion for consumers when purchasing goods. This award is a high recognition of Dongxu kangtu by the industry and a spur to the future development of Dongxu kangtu.


In the future, the company will stick to the great cause of green and clean energy, continue to adhere to the corporate philosophy of "being grateful, working hard, pragmatic and innovative, and win-win cooperation", and continue to exert its strength in the field of photovoltaic modules, taking customer experience as the center, pursuing the "ingenuity spirit" of perfection and excellence, we are committed to becoming the leading solar module manufacturer in China and making unremitting efforts to enable more users around the world to enjoy clean energy!