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"Gold List" Title Added Honors | Kangtu Won 2020 "Energy Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise" and Parent Company Dongxu Blue Sky Won "Energy

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Update time : 2020-12-14 14:49:00
December 11, the 2020 Energy Annual Conference and the 12th China Energy Enterprise High-level Forum hosted by Energy Magazine was held in Beijing. The theme of this forum is "Energy Science and Technology Innovation under the Double Cycle of Economy". Many academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, relevant persons in charge of national energy management departments, energy companies, and energy experts and scholars gathered together, jointly explore the road of high-quality development of China's energy under the "double cycle. During the period, the "Energy Science and Technology Gold List" was released, and the four major awards of this annual meeting were announced simultaneously.

The parent company Dongxu Lantian is "on the list" by virtue of its scientific and technological innovation in the field of new energy and its forward-looking exploration and contribution in energy transformation ", won the "2020 Energy Science and Technology Leading Enterprise" Award; Dongxu Kangtu followed closely, relying on the advanced nature of high-end photovoltaic module manufacturing technology, excellent innovation capabilities and strong development momentum, won the "2020 Energy Innovation Enterprise" Award.

As a representative enterprise of energy science and technology and photovoltaic intelligent manufacturing products, Dongxu Kangtu focused on the theme of "new technologies, new products and new trends" and discussed the development prospects and trends of the energy industry, dongxu Kangtu's technical advantages and product value, carried out the "photovoltaic new technology to help accelerate the transformation of low-carbon economy" theme roadshow.

"Energy" magazine was founded in 2008 and is headed by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. It is committed to paying attention to the reform of China's energy system and the development of energy market economy, tapping new growth points in China's energy industry, and disseminating new ideas for energy companies, perspective authority, professional, in the industry has a very high influence.

Innovation-driven Development of Technological Achievements
As a key investment enterprise of Jinzhai County Government, Dongxu Kangtu has continuously improved its technological innovation system since its establishment, and continuously improved its product development and technological innovation through the introduction, digestion and absorption of key technologies. November 2019, the fully automatic assembly line, which represents the new level of intelligent manufacturing in the industry, has been successfully completed and put into production, and the production efficiency of the new line has been improved by 50%. It can be compatible with international mainstream component products such as half-piece and multi-gate. With the first-class technology research and development team and rich management and operation experience, it has formed outstanding technical advantages in the industry.

At the same time, the company actively carries out high-efficiency photovoltaic module innovation and technological transformation, improves the technological content and technical level of products, 2017 the establishment of technology centers, the formation of technological innovation teams, the establishment of scientific research projects, A total of more than 20 patents have been obtained and fruitful scientific and technological achievements have been achieved.

Has passed the TUV, CQC, JET and other international product certification and IS09001, ISO14001, ISO45001 and other system certification, and obtained "National High-tech Enterprise", "National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Integration Management System Certification", "Anhui Province Economic and Information Department Intelligent Factory Evaluation", "Anhui Province Digital Workshop", "Anhui Province Green Factory" such as honorary titles.

This award fully demonstrates the industry's recognition of our comprehensive strength. The two major awards this time are the affirmation of the parent company Dongxu Lantian's years of exploration, innovation and change, and practice in the energy field, as well as the recognition and praise of its strength and contribution.

In the future, under the guidance of the parent company Dongxu Blue Sky, Dongxu Kangtu will adhere to the corporate philosophy of "being grateful, working hard, pragmatic and innovative, and pursuing excellence", and continue to conduct in-depth research and development, take technological innovation as an important "accelerator" for enterprise development, strive to provide higher quality Dongxu products for the whole society, and contribute to the healthy development of the industry, innovation and upgrading.