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Tunghsu Kangtu's First 182 and Half Components Successfully Downline

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Update time : 2020-12-30 18:29:00
Recently, the first batch of 182 series half-piece components of Dongxu Kangtu successfully went offline. The launch of the 182 series of half-chip components is to combine the current development status and actual needs of the industrial chain and the system. While achieving a significant leap in component power, it ensures the synchronous improvement of component efficiency, it has the characteristics of high conversion efficiency, excellent power generation capacity and high reliability. It will further enhance the company's ability to meet the demand for efficient products on the market side and ensure an efficient return on customer investment, which is an important milestone in the upgrade route of Dongxu Kangtu components.

All along, Dongxu Kangtu pays close attention to the industry technology dynamics, in line with the trend of the big era of components. At the manufacturing end, the Contu component factory adopts the current industry-leading equipment and technology, the production line is fully automated, and it is committed to improving more reliable and cost-effective manufacturing capacity, relying on excellent product value, it brings higher returns to customers. This 182 series of components integrate M10(182mm * 182mm) large-size silicon wafer, half-piece multi-main gate, non-destructive cutting, micro-shaping condensing welding tape, micro-spacing, reinforced frame, with technologies such as high-current junction boxes, the mass production power of 72-version components can reach 540W, and the component efficiency exceeds 21%. The power of 78-version components can reach 590W and can be continuously upgraded.

Thanks to ultra-high component power and component efficiency, compared with the previous generation 166 series 445W components, the power of the new generation 540W components is increased by 95W, the BOS cost can be reduced by about 4%, and the power cost can be reduced by about 3%.

At the same time, in order to further reduce the transportation risk of the new generation of super-large components, the Kangtu design team carried out a comprehensive upgrade of the component packaging, and passed the strict static and extreme dynamic tests, and the transportation safety was greatly improved; in order to improve the installation efficiency of components, the research and development team has carried out enhanced design for the frame and lightweight and slimming for double-sided components, thus ensuring the maximum power generation on the premise of ensuring the safety and reliability of the installation structure.

At present, Kangtu has completed the production line layout, equipment model selection, related design and verification, and plans to achieve mass production in 2021. At that time, the mass production power of the series of components will break a new high, up to 540W, officially entering the 5.4 era.

The successful offline of the 182 series of components indicates that Dongxu Kangtu has taken the lead in the competition of the new generation of photovoltaic products, and has further deepened the manufacturing layout of high-quality photovoltaic modules, improved the company's ability to meet the needs of global customers for efficient products. In the future, Dongxu Kangtu will focus on product research and development, use new technologies and new products to promote the development of enterprises, help the development of the photovoltaic industry, rely on excellent product value, and bring higher returns to customers.